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The world Terra is a vast place where many things have happened in the past. In the past millions of fought over a sphere known as the Shadow Sphere. It is said that the Shadow Sphere can grant any wish one desires. However it is has brought misfortune to those who have used it. The scary thing about it is that no, one has seen it centuries, but it is said to be hidden in cave in the Northern reaches some where.

Princess Amegra has lived all her life and been betrayed by many of her friends in the past. She now feels like she can never find the right friends. However after she hears about the Shadow Sphere able to grant wishes, she decides to find it and make a wish that people would be nice to her. However what she doesn't know is that the Shadow Sphere wishes comes with a price.

Enemies have weaknesses

Each Character has overdrive skills

There will be more added later.


Mog Hunter



Graphics: Parallel World Heroes Pack

Fantasy Heroine Packs, 2, 3, and 4

Frontier Works Futuristic Heroes Pack


Frontier Works Futuristic BGM that came with the heroes graphic packs

Audio Stock Music Volume 1

Other than this I cannot remember who made the rest of the music. If anyone knows who made

the other music please tell me so I can credit them.

Install instructions

Just download the file unzip, and click the exe to play it.


Shadow Sphere Prologue Fixed 3.zip 282 MB

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