A downloadable game for Windows

Fair Warning: This game contains some aspects of religion that may be sensitive to players.

Daisy is a demon hunter for the abbey. Her friend Eliza disappeared. At first they thought it was because they wanted to build a church by the riverside. However they later learn that she had been missing for two months. Even so Daisy knows she has to be alive so she goes on a mission to find her.


Artwork Me, and HoneyNutFemios

Graphics: Pop Horror Pack by Vexxed


Some music is from the Frontier Works Future Heroes, and BGM pack.

Inspirational Music Pack 3


Yanfly Battle Core

Yanfly Core Engine

Yanfly Equip Core

Yanfly Message core, and Message Pack Ex 1, and 2

Yanfly Enemy Levels, and Difficulty Slider

Yanfly Load Custom Fonts

Olivia Side Battle UI

Olivia Victory Sequence

SRD Walk Characters

SRD Icon Bust Menu

If I forgot to credit anyone or mention a pack I used. Please let me know. So that I can credit them, or add the pack to the credits.

Install instructions

Just unzip the file, and open the exe.


ER.zip 162 MB


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Rose, you've done an excellent job. I love the screenshots. if I weren't so low now I would play. congrats on publishing a new game. you do the best. -  Shandor

Thank you! I actually had some help from a friend this time.