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Fair Warning: This game contains some aspects of religion that may be sensitive to players.

Daisy is a demon hunter for the abbey. Her friend Eliza disappeared. At first they thought it was because they wanted to build a church by the riverside. However they later learn that she had been missing for two months. Even so Daisy knows she has to be alive so she goes on a mission to find her.


Artwork Me, and HoneyNutFemios

Graphics: Pop Horror Pack by Vexxed


Some music is from the Frontier Works Future Heroes, and BGM pack.

Inspirational Music Pack 3


Yanfly Battle Core

Yanfly Core Engine

Yanfly Equip Core

Yanfly Message core, and Message Pack Ex 1, and 2

Yanfly Enemy Levels, and Difficulty Slider

Yanfly Load Custom Fonts

Olivia Side Battle UI

Olivia Victory Sequence

SRD Walk Characters

SRD Icon Bust Menu

If I forgot to credit anyone or mention a pack I used. Please let me know. So that I can credit them, or add the pack to the credits.

Published 28 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Dark

Install instructions

Just unzip the file, and open the exe.


ER.zip 162 MB


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Rose, you've done an excellent job. I love the screenshots. if I weren't so low now I would play. congrats on publishing a new game. you do the best. -  Shandor

Thank you! I actually had some help from a friend this time.