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In the year 212X on a parallel Earth a strange portal suddenly opened allowing demons, and super natural creatures into the world called Vaidaloids. They terrorized people all over the world. However there is still hope. The only way these fiends can be sent back to their realm is by demon slayers with the gift of magic. 

Scifi Battlers Pack 1, and 2(will be used in later release)
Menu, and battle Graphics are copy right free futuristic GUI's from Open game art
Menu background is from futuristic battle backs pack
A dragon from KH Lords of Darkness Pack

Music, and sound:

Inspirational Music Pack 3

Music from frontier works futuristic heroes pack

One of the sound effects is Shower, A.wav" by InspectorJ from (www.jshaw.co.uk) of Freesound.org
Scifi Music Pack
CF_Horror4, and CF_Battle2 from Audio Stock Music Vol 1 Pack
Kodakawa's Title screen plugin
Yanfly's load custom fonts plugin
Yanfly's Core Plugin
Yanfly's Equip Core plugin
Yanfly's Message Core plugin
Yanfly's Quest Journal Plugin

Yanfly's Battle Core

Ynafly's Animated Enemies

Mog Hunter's Scene menu, and menu picture plugin

Mr. Trivel's Luminous Arc Status Screen plugin

Olvia's Side Battle UI plugin

Olivia's Victory plugin

If forgot to credit anyone let me know please.

Install instructions

Just download, and unzip the game from the zip folder. Then go in the DS folder, and run the Game.exe. 


Dark_Slayers_Ch1_Update.zip 263 MB


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Hi Rose! I played this game and finished the demo! xD :) (Or was it the already the ending?) I really enjoyed it! XD :) Your artworks are always nice to see! :D I kinda feel like using Magic attacks are more effective than using any physical skills at all. xD :) But yeah, the plot was interesting and intriguing! :) Keep it up, Rose! :D

Thank you for playing it. I am glad you enjoyed it.